Natural Health Products (NHP)

The Natural Health Product (NHP) definition has two components: function and substance. The function component refers to the natural health product definition capturing those substances that are manufactured, sold or represented for use in:

  • The diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease, disorder or abnormal physical state or its symptoms in humans;
  • Restoring or correcting organic functions in humans; or
  • Modifying organic functions in humans, such as modifying those functions in a manner that maintains or promotes health.

The substance component refers to the medicinal ingredient in a natural health product. Our Natural products are divided in 2 below categories:

Supplements are defined in 3 groups:

  1. Nutraceuticals
  2. Sports Nutrition
  3. Traditional Herbal Medicines

Dead Sea products are defined in 6 groups:

  1. Face Care
  2. Body Care
  3. Hair Care
  4. Foot Care
  5. Whitening
  6. Soaps

Quality Control

In order to maintain the GMP designation, all products must be made to meet all internationally recognized manufacturing requirements. These are international standards such as BP (British Pharmacopeia) and USP (US Pharmacopeia). Stability Reports is required base on a product’s shelf life that WKC outsource it through lab’s license holders.  It’s report that proofs a product status after 3 month or 3 years.

Our team checks every label accurately to be sure designers provide label text in compliance with product’s label text that issued by Health Canada. Also, our labels need to get an approval by quality control department of each manufacturing pants. It means, we provide the electronic file of label designed together with product’s label-text to a printing house or brokers. Then, they send a sample print to manufacturing plant and they print after getting the approval. Manufacturing plants are responsible for every product’s quality that includes its label information.

Detox & Healing Pads

People are naturally drawn to health products as they are always trying to either improve their health or trying to look better. Over the last decade or so, Japanese detox foot pads have caught the imagination of many of us. Some believe there is no benefit from detox foot pads what so ever while others think they have real health benefits which everyone should look into at least once in their lives


Fat is resulted from metabolism disorders. The product is on the basis of traditional meridian theory and acupuncture, through sticking the medical patch in on the acupoint to slim your body. It is a no side-affects loss weight method, it can mobilize the potential of meridians, and regulate the body functions and rebuild the body balance. This product will control your excessive appetite and light the redundant fat. No diet, normal nutrition help you become slim easily. Main functions: Regulate endocrine, Slim figure and loss weight, Dredge meridians, Adjust the physical function.

Breast XL10

Mechanism of action: Introduction of advanced biological extraction and purification technology, extracting safe and effective breast enhancement factors and nutrient elements ( Collagen, Glucose, Vitamine ) from natural plants (Pueraria lobata, ginseng, green papaya, red clover).Through percutaneous absorption to adjust and plump breast tissue, promote blood circulation and absorp nutrients and add the essential nutrients for plumping breast.

Zero Smoke

Coming Soon