About Us

Wellknown Formulas (WKC) is the fifth member of the fastest growing international group of companies providing contract manufacturing, export, and distribution of Pharmaceuticals products.

Wellknown Formulas was established in 2009 as a private company in British Colombia with a focus on exporting North American products to countries that can’t access them.

Strategic Alliances:

Our sister company (Well Known General Trading LLC), strategically located in Dubai-UAE, provides us with a strong backbone for both logistics as well as financial transactions. Furthermore, our direct distribution centers in Iraq and Afghanistan guarantee our investments and money back safely.

Our reputation and network has attracted many partners to proudly work under our brand name in their home countries, such as Malaysia and Turkmenistan.

Our professional team and vast network allows us to provide a unique service in the field of registration, import, and distribution of pharmaceutical products in various countries.

Well-Known International Group

Well-Known Group aims to provide qualified Natural health Products, Intermediates, API, and Finish Dosage. This group attends many governmental tenders and is currently active in private sectors for producing and distributing pharmaceutical products. Operating its own Factory together with Scientific Bureaus has created many benefits to being a member of this group.

  • Production, Export, and Distribution of pharmaceutical products from North America to the Middle East, North Africa, as well as CIS countries. We are committed to providing an exclusive service and competitive pricing, along with fast delivery and guaranteed/secure financial transactions.