Executive Summery

Wellknown Formulas in Canada (WKC) is a registered corporation in British Colombia (BC), 100% private own company, and established in 2009 three entrepreneurs. WKC is manufacturing over 1000 products that are distributing in BC and exporting to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Afghanistan.

The company is granted the first Product license (NPN) from Health Canada in 2013, and started the project of private labeling that year. Our strategic Alliances secure our money back and support the business indirectly out of Canada by advertisement and using his business networks. WKC looks small while it has great enthusiasms. In 2016, WKC has over 40 products licenses from Health Canada.

Business History 

The owner came to Canada in 2008 with valuable experience and business network. Within last 9 years, he spent most of the time building up a successful business of producing high demanded Natural Health Products, and he is expanding this business now.

The owner’s 15 years of experience in serving Middle Eastern customers is the main source of his information. In addition, he has done considerable online researches, attended many trade shows in a variety of countries in Asia, Europe and North America. He is familiar with Natural Health Products (NHPs), Over the Counter (OTC), and generic drug regulations in Canada, UAE, Jordan, and Afghanistan.

Vision Statement

We believe in Natural Products, and we know people like to return to Nature. I also believe it’s a great idea that could support Canada’s economy by my entrepreneurial spirit. We like expanding our distribution of Natural Products to entire Canada and overseas markets.

Mission Statement

We tend to help people to have access to qualified Canadian products in an affordable price, and then we would be strong enough to expand marketing our products to entire world.