Services & products

We are a member of CHFA.

Body Crafters Supplements

A distribution center in North Vancouver’s Capilano Mall; located across an active gym. Body Crafters Supplements is owned by a previous GNC executive, who is also a certified international sports nutritionist. Body Crafters Supplements currently distributes our products through its retail and online network.

Wellknown Dubai

Established in 2002, WKD is is a 50/50 partnership between Mr. Ell Gnostic and his Iraqi partner, Dr. Mohammad Mousa Mohammad, who also owns various companies in Iraq and operates WKD’s regional office in Amman, Jordan. WKD arranges to transit WKC’s products to other destinations through Dubai’s ports. WKD is also involved in the registration of our products in Dubai since 2016; in order to distribute them locally.

Wellknown Jordan

WKJ has built strong relationships with Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, and Lebanese factories by supplying them with Pharmaceutical products since the late 90s. This allows them to market various finished products within Jordan, and seamlessly transit cargo to Iraq. WKJ currently distributes our Jordanian Dead-Sea products using our private labels. We are currently working towards importing mud via WKJ from the Dead-Sea into Canada, in an effort to produce those products by own facilities in the near future.

Wellknown Afghanistan

Established in 2014, WKA; an official licensee by the Ministry of Health in Afghanistan, imports and distributes our entire line of NHP and Dead-Sea products within Afghanistan. WKA staffs several pharmacists, and is currently expanding by hiring medical sales representatives to visit doctors, hospitals, and clinics. WKA’s headquarter is located in the heart of the wholesale market in Kabul (2nd floor, Khalid Taraki Business Center, Hotel Parwan, Kabul). WKA has also leased a separate warehouse specifically to store and distribute our wholesale products.