• Pharmaceutical Raw materials & excipients (API, Intermediates, Hard Gelatin Capsule, Vaseline…etc)
  • Packaging materials (PVC, Aluminum Foil, Empty glass bottles..etc)
  • Finish Dosage Forms (Formulations)
  • Veterinary Products
  • Labels
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
Pharmaceutical raw materials are our major field of activities. We are selected the companies who obey international standard like GMP, ISO, CIS In the field of raw pharmaceutical materials. We present all products of Lactose India, Kreative Organic, and Shandong Weifeng monopoly. We enjoy well-established ties with other reputable Chinese, Indian, along with other API manufacturers. In this field we are a name well known to many Pharma companies including.
Well-Known welcomes reputable enterprises in the form of interested producers, distributors, buyers and partners to step into collaboration and coalition with us. E-commerce and eventual in person meetings and negotiations shall pave the way toward our initiation and eventual affiliation.
Pharmaceutical Packaging materials
Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles: We are distributing the amber/transparent (flint) Glass bottle, the amber/ transparent vials, the amber/transparent dropper, and many other types of glass products in the middle east. We are proud of our very close relationships with the two manufacturers of Pharmaceutical glass bottles in China & India. We have been distributing over 10 million glass products each year.
Aluminum Caps for pharmaceutical glass bottles: We proud of our very good business relationship with many reputable manufacturers in this industry to comply with customer glass requirements.
PVD: In this field once again, we are one of the lone & active distributer of PVC in the middle east area. We are proud to be associated with many suppliers around the world. We select the most reliable providers of PVC.
Aluminum Foil: Aluminum Co is the largest producer of aluminum foil in the Middle-East Region which we hold a strong business relationships with. We are ready to deliver large inquiries for aluminum foil for markets in the region and outside of Asia. We also keep in touch with some Indian & Chinese reliable manufacturers.